Pre-Existing Conditions Don’t Have to Exist

Posted by Matt Ullman on Jul 2, 2019 8:36:00 AM

Does your family history or lifestyle increase the likelihood that as you age, you could develop one of the medical conditions that are excluded? Or for that matter, any related conditions?

Being aware of any factors that could lead to you developing a medical condition is strongly recommended. For example, I have a family history of high cholesterol and heart disease. Therefore, I try to control my cholesterol levels with a combination of medication, diet, and regular exercise. When I stick to that plan, that helps me control my weight, which in turn can also help prevent heart disease. This is important, given the fact that my father and all three of his siblings have had heart attacks.

Of course, there is no way to guarantee good health and a long life - but why not do everything we can to better our chances? Give JIPA Network a call and have us schedule an Executive Physical for you. A physical exam could catch any medical issues you may have early on, so you can get the treatment you need before it gets too complicated or too expensive.

Hopefully you’ve learned a little something from this blog series. Where do we go from here?

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