Exclusion Confusion

Posted by Matt Ullman on Jun 18, 2019 6:55:00 AM

Have you ever read through an entire health insurance policy? If you’re like most people, the answer to that is no. If you suffer from insomnia, however, reading an insurance policy could cure it – at least for one night.

One section you may want to take a good look at, though, is “Exclusions.” If you have any medical conditions listed as exclusions in a policy you’re considering, you may want to come up with a plan for dealing with that possibility from the standpoint of your health and your finances.

I’ll give you a couple of examples. If you have diabetes before you get coverage, and it’s excluded from coverage under your policy, then not only is treatment for your diabetes not covered, but also not covered would be any illnesses brought on by the diabetes – such as heart disease, nerve damage, kidney damage, high blood pressure, etc.

Or let’s say you have (or need) a stint in one of your arteries to open it up so the blood can flow. You’re shopping around for a new medical insurance policy. You find a company willing to insure you, but only if they exclude heart-related problems for two years. If something happens during that time period, where do you turn?

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