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There is Always HOPE - A New Vaccine Treatment for HIV Patients

Posted by Elana Perdeck on Mar 10, 2017 11:54:46 AM

     A New Vaccince Can Help HIV Patients

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10-point plan to Tackle Ebola and Chikunguyna in the Caribbean

Posted by Elana Perdeck on Nov 6, 2014 8:00:00 AM

The Caribbean is making sure they are prepared for Ebola and and the ongoing Chickunguyna virus with a new 10-point plan recently agreed upon by the  Caribbean Community (CARICOM) leaders at a health care summit in Trinidad on November 4, 2014.  JIPA Network will continue to keep you informed on the most recent  updates on both Ebola and Chicunguyna. The “Stop Ebola There (SETH) Fund” is currently being organized to allow for  governments, citizens and businesses in the Caribbean and abroad to donate to the fund.   Stay connected to JIPA Network for continuous updates on how to donate to the fund.  

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Yesterday I Worried about Terrorists Today It Is Ebola

Posted by Elana Perdeck on Oct 13, 2014 8:00:00 AM

I have a 25 year old daughter living in the Big Apple.  As most of us over-protective, loving moms, we worry about something!  Two days ago, I worried about terrorists threats to the sub-way system and the fact that she works a block from the new World Trade Center.  Yesterday, I worried about the ChickV virus (as I am planning to go to Puerto Rico next week).


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I Will Go With You To Get Your Mammogram TODAY!

Posted by Elana Perdeck on Oct 7, 2014 8:00:00 AM

I read this post on facebook yesterday, written by a friend of mine who is a breast cancer survivor...along with my sister, my sister-in-law, my sister-in-law's sister and countless other friends.  Her post was simple-

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Posted by Elana Perdeck on Jul 18, 2014 5:03:37 PM

Once upon a time just going to medical school, doing a residency and affiliating with a good hospital or two was enough to build a successful medical practice.  NOT ANY MORE…..SEE THE SIMPLE WAYS TO GROW A MEDICAL PRACTICE

Today, building your medical practice is harder than it has ever been.  Reimbursement is low and competition is everywhere!   Providers must consider different and unique marketing approaches in building their practices.  Consider the following marketing ideas to grow your referrals.

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Increase Revenue - Add Ancillary Services to your Practice

Posted by Elana Perdeck on Jul 8, 2014 1:47:00 PM

There is no doubt, we treasure convenience; even for small tasks like using the drive through to pick up our daily coffee.  Offering the simple convenience of ancillary services in your practice is a priceless value to patients seeking ease and timely care or services. 

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